Our popular Virtual programs are back this Fall and Winter!

We are excited to be bringing a variety of STEM programs for your children, right to your homes this Fall and Winter.​​

Live virtual classes: Join us for 8 weeks of instructor-led live virtual STEM classes!

All supplies will be delivered to you. Our instructors guide the kids through the STEM activities. There will be 8 sessions for each age-group! If you miss a topic, a pre-recorded program will be made available to work along with at your convenience.

Junior programs (Ages 4-7) Tuesdays, November 9- December 28.

Nov 9: Chemical Engineering: Bubble bliss + Wacky Wands: Students will explore properties of a liquid during this Bouncing Bubbles lesson. They will experiment concocting two different bubble solutions to determine which one produces stronger bubbles. Explore how design of the bubble wand affects the bubble size and shape.

Nov 16: Aerospace Engineering: Parachutes: Students will have to engineer a functional parachute for a test jumper that must descend gracefully after being dropped from a tall height. After the testing phase, which is an important part of the Engineering Design Process, students will be able to improve upon their design.

Nov 23: Electrical Engineering: Greetings: Students learn how to create a flat conductive circuit path with a LED light feature.

Nov 30: Aerospace Engineering: Helicopters: Students will construct model helicopters. They will explore how forces such as thrust and lift help helicopters maneuver.

Dec 7: Civil Engineering: Bridges: The Note Card Bridge activity will challenge students to construct a bridge out of a normally flexible material and create a navigable span.

Dec 14: Chemical Engineering: Slime: Students will learn about the chemical properties of slime and make their own. They will learn about conductivity and test the different polymers.

Dec 21: Marine Engineering: Paddleboats: Students explore kinetic and potential energy and create paddleboats that can travel across a tub of water

Dec 28: Electrical Engineering: Students create a magnetic ice skater to demonstrate how a magnetic field can travel through a solid object.

Masters programs (Ages 8-14) Thursdays, November 11-December 30:

Nov 11: Electrical Engineering: Students will learn about circuits and build a light up greeting card.

Nov 18: Mechanical Engineering: Students will build catapults and explore the mechanics of catapults in order to increase precision and accuracy.

Nov 25: Environmental Engineering: Students will design their own water filtration system while learning about the water cycle.

Dec 2: Mechanical Engineering: Fidget spinner: students to become familiar with Newton’s Law of Inertia. This lesson has students creating, predicting, and testing the change in motion due to adding unbalanced weights to their self-created Fidget Spinner.

Dec 9: Mechanical Engineering: Speed Racer: Students create a device that uses air pressure in propelling a small car will show students how driving or resisting forces act on the wheel and axle. In this lesson, young engineers will use the Engineering Design Process as they predict, test, and improve the air flow, direction of travel, and manipulate resistant flaps which affect the aerodynamic acceleration of the car.

Dec 16: 3D Printing: Students will learn about computer aided design and bring their designs to life!

Dec 23: Electromechanical Engineering: Kids learn to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy as they build their own working STEM Cooling Fans!

Dec 30: App Development: Students learn to use simple JavaScript commands to create their own apps.

Each session, kids will meet online through Zoom in real-time with an Engineering For Kids of Winnipeg instructor.

Flex programs: We will email you the link to the pre-recorded videos (one video per lesson) and the respective passwords to access them. In each video, an EFK instructor will teach and guide your child through each project. You will have access to the videos for 1 month. Your child may back up and re-watch the videos as many times as they wish during the 1 month period. For classes that use computer software, you will receive information on how to install or create an account depending on the software. It may take up to 48 hours for you to receive an email with the video links, password and additional information. 

Birthday Parties:

Our interactive Birthday Parties are brought to you virtually with a selection of topics to choose from. The Virtual Birthday kits get deliver directly to you and the kids build their creations real-time with our instructors. Scroll down to access the list of topics and more information on the birthday party program.

Partner programs:

We continue to bring our virtual STEM experience to our childcare and community partners this Summer! Contact us at or 204-818-8335 for details.

Our curriculum has been Cognia Certified and deemed a Accredited Educational Experience. By having both of these certifications, it proves we have carefully developed our programs and courses to give our students the full scope of their studies and the importance of careers in STEM.