Virtual Summer Juniors programs (July 26-30)

Virtual Summer Juniors programs (July 26-30)

Join us for week long instructor-led virtual STEM fun for kids 4 to 7!


All supplies and an Engineering For Kids T-shirt will be delivered to you. Our instructors guide the kids through the STEM activities. There will be 15 sessions! If you miss a topic, a pre-recorded program will be made available to work alongwith at your convenience.


Monday, July 26:  Scientists - Kids make crazy concoctions all while learning about various properties of materials


Tuesday, July 27: Inventors and Makers - Kids construct working devices while learning about simple machines and physics


Wednesday, July 28: Coders - Kids become game designers and make their own functioning video games


Thursday, July 29: Civil Engineers - Kids design and build their own city complete with bridges, roads and skyscrapers


Friday, July 30: Aerospace Engineers - Kids let their imagination soar as they build and launch aircrafts


There will be three different topics per day at:

10am-11am: Design and build

1-2pm: Design and build 

6-7pm: Engineering themed stories and creations