ENG201 - Masters STEM Variety (8-14 years) Series A Thursdays at 4pm. Live

ENG201 - Masters STEM Variety (8-14 years) Series A Thursdays at 4pm. Live

Our STEM extracurricular activities are coming to you! Kids experience our hands-on engineering program from the comfort of their home. 
All supplies and instructional materials for the 8 week program are shipped right to you. Our instructors guide the kids real-time through the program. The eight activities are:
Electrical Engineering: Students will learn about circuits and build a light up greeting card.
Mechanical Engineering: Students will build catapults and explore the mechanics of catapults in order to increase precision and accuracy.
Environmental Engineering: Students will design their own water filtration system while learning about the water cycle.
Mechanical Engineering: Fidget spinner: students to become familiar with Newton’s Law of Inertia. This lesson has students creating, predicting, and testing the change in motion due to adding unbalanced weights to their self-created Fidget Spinner.

Mechanical Engineering: Speed Racer:
Students create a device that uses air pressure in propelling a small car will show students how driving or resisting forces act on the wheel and axle. In this lesson, young engineers will use the Engineering Design Process as they predict, test, and improve the air flow, direction of travel, and manipulate resistant flaps which affect the aerodynamic acceleration of the car. 
3D Printing: Students will learn about computer aided design and bring their designs to life!
Electromechanical Engineering: Kids learn to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy as they build their own working STEM Cooling Fans!
App Development: Students learn to use simple JavaScript commands to create their own apps.
Online, real-time classes are  from 4-4:45pm on Thursdays
Join us anytime - Online classes carry into the new year!

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