Build with Minecraft (8-14 years) Flex program

Build with Minecraft (8-14 years) Flex program

Minecraft is an expansive game that lets players design and create unique worlds with amazing structures. In this class students will be tasked with different challenges using various components of the Minecraft game. Students will use Redstone- which is Minecraft’s version of electrical circuitry to power their creations and create complex builds within the game. This class can be done on any console or version of the Minecraft game. Let's build!

 This program has four pre-recorded classes that can be taken in an on-demand style program.

Requirements: Students must already own a version of the Minecraft game and a console to play it on. You can check device compatibility and purchase the game directly from the Minecraft Game website.

For this program you will need:

1. Computer/laptop, a mouse(recommended but not mandatory) OR Gaming Console (PS4/XBox/Nintendo Switch)

2. Any Modern Version of Minecraft with Creative Mode

3. Solid Internet Connection for watching EFK Flex Videos (no internet is required for game)

Length of Lesson: The instruction for these lessons are 30-40 minutes long. Four lessons are included. Students may take as much time as needed to complete the assignments by pausing and restarting their video.