Introduction to App Development (8-14 years) Flex program

Introduction to App Development (8-14 years) Flex program

Engineering For Kids Flex classes have been created to allow students to work at their own pace and at any time of day or day of the week! These are not live meetings, but rather pre-recorded lessons with an EFK instructor.

Lessons are sent out each week of the session for a total of four lessons. 

Description: App development has increased manifold in the past 5 years due to lower costs and easier access to essential tools, so give your engineer the knowledge to stay ahead in today’s technological society. We’re offering a unique experience in which students get to code, test, and create their own apps in real-time using an easy-to-understand format. The best part about this program is that they’ll be able to save their created apps right to their (or your own) devices for play anywhere, anytime!

Class Requirements: Computer/laptop, a mouse(recommended but not mandatory) and a solid internet connection. 

Software Requirements: These lessons use a web based platform called BitsBox. Students will need to create a login using an email and password to be able to save their work. Creating a login is not required to do the class, but will be required to show off their work and revisit the apps that they have created!

Length of Lesson: The instruction for these lessons are 30-40 minutes long. Students may take as much time as needed to complete the assignments by pausing and restarting their video.