ENG103 - Engineering in Stories! (4-7 years) Saturdays at 10am

ENG103 - Engineering in Stories! (4-7 years) Saturdays at 10am

Saturdays at 10-10:45am. Join us starting any week!
Kids experience and learn the science and hidden engineering challenges within their favourite stories, including Moana, Frozen, Three Little Pigs, The Little Mermaid, Shrek and more! Supplies for the 8 week program are shipped right to you. Our instructors guide the kids real-time through the program.
Moana: Students build their own sail boat and test it against a strong wind!
Frozen: Students grow crystals using Chemical Engineering, fit for Elsa!
Three little pigs: Students build and test three different houses against the Big Bad Wolf.
Billy Goats Gruff: Can students re-engineer the bridge in this classic?
Rapunzel: Students devise an escape for Rapunzel, with slides and pulleys!
Shrek: Students make Slime for Shrek!
The Little Mermaid and Nemo: Students build a reef for their marine friends.
Cinderella: Students build getaway cars for Cinderella!

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