Defying Gravity (6-10 years) Flex program

Defying Gravity (6-10 years) Flex program

Engineering For Kids Flex Lessons have been created to allow students to work at their own pace and at any time of day or day of the week! These are not live meetings, but rather pre-recorded lessons with an EFK instructor. These are perfect for students who may not want to participate in a video chat with others, or those who may want to stop and start the video to work at a slower pace.

One lesson is sent out each week of the session with a total of four lessons. 

Description: In this exciting flex program, students will go through four different classic Engineering For Kids lessons: Candy Catapults, Parachutes, Marble Run, and Eggstreme Defence. They'll learn how to send projectiles flying, slow down falling objects, and protect items from impacts!

Supplies: Supplies for this course will be shipped to you prior to the start date.

Length of Lesson: The instruction for these lessons are 30-40 minutes long. Students may take as much time as needed to complete the assignments by pausing and restarting their video.