ENG102 - Juniors STEM Variety (4-7 years) Series B - Tuesdays at 5:15pm. Live

ENG102 - Juniors STEM Variety (4-7 years) Series B - Tuesdays at 5:15pm. Live

Our STEM extracurricular activities are coming to you! Kids experience our hands-on engineering program from the comfort of their home.
All supplies for the 8 week program are shipped right to you. Our instructors guide the kids real-time through the program. The eight activities are:

Chemical Engineering: Sand Slime: Students will work as chemical engineers to invent their own recipe for kinetic sand and then complete a series of tests analyzing the physical properties of their new invention.

Aerospace Engineering: Rocket launcher: Students engineer a functional rocket launcher! They learn how launch angles and mass affects the range of their rocket.

Marine Engineering: Pontoon boats: Students learn how pontoons work to keep a boat afloat! They test the load their boats can hold with and without pontoons

Electrical Engineering: LED Flashlight: Students build their own working flashlight. They learn about conducting and non conducting materials.

Electrical Engineering: Magnet Skaters: Students learn how magnets work and demonstrate how the magnetic field can pass through a solid object. They build a toy for continued fun!
Coding: What’s more fun than playing an interactive video game? Writing one! Video sensing allows students to design and program their own video games and then test them. In this Scratch program, students work together to create their own musical instruments while exploring coding foundations. 

Environmental Engineering: pH Water testing: Students learn about the science behind water pH testing through hands-on testing!

Mechanical Engineering: Maze run: Students identify the characteristics of gravity and properties of acceleration through the manipulation of inclined planes in this lesson. Students design a maze that will have various inclines, testing how the degree of angle impacts their marble, and reaching the finish line in the least seconds possible.

Online, real-time classes will be held from 5:15-6 pm on Tuesdays
Join us anytime - classes carry into the new year!